Futures Forum

Week Three - Virtual Spaces

April 15, 2020 Storycraft Lab
Futures Forum
Week Three - Virtual Spaces
Show Notes

A weekly mindshare on innovations, ideas and best practices for the experiential industry. In this week's episode we talk about Virtual Spaces. How do we connect, navigate and experience Virtual Spaces?

The conversation was organized around 4 talking points:

Audience Journeys - Howard P. Stern, Naomi Clare
How do we help attendees to connect, navigate and experience Virtual spaces? How does site/venue and setting influence the conference experience? How do the principles of Interior Architecture apply to Virtual Spaces?

Experience Planning –Meghan Schofield, Denise Cintron, Meredith Rollins
What best practices can we apply F2F event design and what are the entirely unique considerations for Virtual? What can we understand from working styles, preferences and environments to apply to virtual connectivity? How do we think about branding in live events and what does this mean for the virtual experiences we create?

Future Scenarios –Meredith Rollins
How do we support the re-skilling of the industry? How might we enable shared –integrated -spatial experiences in future hybrid events? What does this mean when we think about “Future as a process, not a place” (Ronni Kimm) ?

Physicality and Technology –Howard P. Stern, Amy Blackman, Naomi Clare
How might physical exhibits be made virtually accessible –and virtually inclusive? How do AR and VR tools provide meaningful shared experiences? What is Mixed Reality and what are best practices for meaningful content engagement in MR space?